Best & Easiest Way To Get Wikipedia Backlinks within 20 Minutes

Wikipedia is one of the most trusted and most visited sites on this planet earth. It is also an authoritative website which loads heavy trust not only from you but also from Google, Bing and other major Search Engines which makes Wikipedia backlinks are outstanding and powerful.

There is very rare to find any information that does not have Wikipedia on the first page of Google.

So, definitely backlink that you got from Wikipedia is worth more than you thought and build a heavy trust between your website and Google.

So, in this article, I am gonna show you how to get an awesome backlink from Wikipedia within 20 minutes from now. It is more simple than you thought.

So, let’s dig into details about how to get a backlink from Wikipedia. No any special or paid tools required.

Wikipedia Backlinks and its Value

I was also searching on topic how to build Wikipedia backlink to my money site. And, yeah I found a great way that I can use to get Wikipedia backlink t my money site.

Actually, the step is damn easy an very high success rate to get a permanent backlink from Wikipedia. Just one backlink from Wikipedia is positively worth more than thousands of spam backlinks.

As you can see the image above that site has got 1 backlink from Wikipedia but which is “nofollow” stills it worth more than many spam backlinks and can also make your site love by Google.

Wikipedia above you can see has DR 96 upon 100. Guess how powerful is this site. Just 4 points left to be 100.

But there are more serious reason that you need to start building backlinks from Wikipedia. The link you made from Wikipedia backlink can work very awesome than you thought. Let’s see how it gonna work.

  • The main thing is everyone trust Wikipedia and loves it. Not only human but Search Engines as well
  • Everybody and everything love Wikipedia and also respect links that are coming from Wikipedia
  • Google thinks the link that Wikipedia referred is trusted the site
  • Wikipedia links are 100% spam free
  • Sometimes, you even get visitors to your website or blog through Wikipedia backlink you placed

So, let’s dig more for this and start our Wikipedia link building journey.

What will you require for this method?

  1. Your Website URL
  2. Unquie content is written in your blog post
  3. Articles from Wikipedia related to your niche
  4. Wikigrabber

This four thing plays an important role in getting Wikipedia backlinks. So, I am starting NOW….

Wikipedia Link Building: What Opportunities?

Just going to Wikipedia and telling my articles is better than yours so drop my link is not enough. Yeah, many dudes write awesome articles more than Wikipedia but some of they will never rank in Google as well.

Generally, there are three kinds of opportunities to build link in Wikipedia.

  1. Dead Link Opportunities
  2. Broken Link Opportunities
  3. Unique Link Opportunities

In this article, we will go step by step process to build a Dead Link Opportunities which is best and your link can be saved permanently.

Dead Link Building Opportunities

Those links which are dead from the eye of Wikipedia is a dead link. Let me clear you.

link building

As you can see there is a dead link in number 39 it means the link that was over there is dead and no longer exist or alive.

So, when there is [dead link] sign n Wikipedia references sites. It means moderator is saying that the link is dead please somebody fix it.

And your content is also what they can be looking for. So, you need to grab this opportunity to start building an awesome backlink from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is same as other general content site but it is biggest authority site and has millions of pages so in a day there are many dead link opportunities you can get to build backlink.

Broken Link Building Opportunities

This method is very very time to consume and cost you even many days.

We really don’t this time-consuming methods and also not share about the way to build broken links backlinks.

But dead link building is super easy and time-saving you can start with the dead link.

Unique Link Building Opportunities

This method is awesome and yeah it really works great if you build a link with very good and loyal way.

Wikipedia is open source platform which enables everybody to edit articles or add new articles. So, there is a good opportunity to build a new backlink every day.

new link building

As you can see in above image this is related to Techradar. Where Future plc is a clickable link and it will introduce you to another website or to another Wikipedia page.

Still, I don’t recommend you to build backlink from Wikipedia in this way. But, yes you can build a link. Better, just start building Dead Link it is easy and powerful as well as time-saving.

Overall Combine

So, if you combine overall strategy than you can get a powerful dead link, broken links, and own unique links. So, 3 works best if you are in powerful link building.

You can:

  • Use dead links to build Wikipedia backlinks
  • Use broken links to get links from authority sites
  • Include your own unique links in Wikipedia pages

Making many links as possible makes your link as spam in Wikipedia source. So, just a few links in a years act very well and best your link will be live permanently in Wikipedia as well.

But the main question is how to find an awesome link building opportunities in Wikipedia? After reading method, you will cry HELL the easiest link building technique is from Wikipedia.

How To Use WikiGrabber To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

Like, I said you in above paragraph you will need a WikiGrabber for this work.

This tool is very powerful for finding a various link building opportunities.


Now, an empty search bar, you need to add something related to your niche. Like I am interested in Gambling just an example for you.

So, Let me start step by the process.

The Step by Step Guide Using WikiGrabber

Now all you have to do is to enter a keyword related to your niche in WikiGrabber. For example, I am using “Gambling” Keyword.


And as soon as you click SEARCH you will get results like the pages that needs Citation or Dead Link. 


So, as soon as, you get results you need to check every link and see if the dead link can be built and related to your niche as well.

get link

Now all I have to do is going to the related link just by clicking that topic. So, in this way, I will get transferred to the desired link location.

how to find dead link

But, sometimes you need to use another method because WikiGrabber won’t work all the time. Or sometimes the links shown on WikiGrabber are all packed.

How To Use Google To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

So, if Wikigrabber doesn’t work you need to use Google and 100% sure it gonna work for you a lot. And you can use Google to find dead links too.

Just Copy & Paste: “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

If I copy and paste above code to Google, I am going to get results like this:


So, now by clicking any of the links, I can get a dead link.



This method is very good but you need some time for finding relevant content related to your money site.

So, this is how you can find the broken link right you found a method. Now move on you can get any links of your desire.

Wikipedia Link Building – Doing Yourself

So, as I said to you after you find relevant dead links related to your niche than now its time to do yourself something to build an awesome link from Wikipedia.



Not Necessary Just Recommended

After you see the dead link now it’s time to copy the link and paste it on way back machine tool. All you have to do is copy the link and paste it over there and soon some results will pop up.


Now, after you see the result you can create same kinda post in your blog and start building a link or if the niche matches you can just simply link your matched post over there. Don’t need a new post if your site is just relevant to the article simple homepage also gonna work.

But, if something you find is not so relevant than don’t bother searching for more other backlink opportunities.

So, take your dead link to ahrefs or majestic and see how is that post acting in past does it contain any backlinks?

After you copy link and paste link on these any of two tools soon you will get results like.


So, if it contains backlink than there are very very good opportunities for you to grab this chance. Just some few numbers of backlink ok just only 5+ works very well.

The more backlinks the more people are attached to that or interested on that articles.

So, after you create a post related to that article or just update existing article it’s time now that you can visit referred backlinks sites and email them saying the link you pointed is an error so, I have similar kinda post if you interested you can link it as a reference.

Now, you just finish part of searching relevant backlink searching opportunities. So, its now time for some serious homework.

Add Your Own Unique Links To Wikipedia

There are lots of pages that Wikipedia member is requesting you guys to help up, clean up and add some relevant contents to the information page.

check it

See, moderators are requesting you guys to improve the page. Add resources and many more things. if you have a business related to language than you can come up to this page. And add some relevant contents on it and leave your link as well.

Create Your Wikipedia Account

First, of all, you need a Wikipedia account. If you have that you save some time if not it is easy setup process.


It takes some time to approve your account. But once your account is set up now you can run as quick as you can.

Once you created an account just visit the link you wish to edit and leave your link. That’s all but let me help you how you can edit the post as well.

Things To Consider Before You Add Your Links

Some important things you need to consider before you add your links. Wikipedia is the nonprofit organization so we need to respect them and love them and keep the support of the community.

They have no direct methods of earning money. If they have enabled Adsense or affiliate on them than they can be world biggest site to earn money.

Be sure to submit human pass and give them a good reason why edit link. “Like the link was dead and I have the same content as the link used to have before.”

If you have a poor quality content than never expect to get approved from them. Wikipedia has got high-quality content so be sure that you also got high-quality contents.

If you don’t have a relevant content take your best time to edit and make that content human lovable.

Editing An Article To Get Wikipedia Backlink

wikipedia edit

Once you click edit source you will get a new load which takes you to the editor. Be sure to click edit source, from the top left side.

edit source

But i source it is hard to get exact dead link so. You need to remember the texted which is located with the dead link. Like you can see in image below. “Speech by Thibedi” is what I am gonna seach in edit source for fast find.

wikipedia search

After I copy Speech by Thibedi Majake and paste in edit source. You can see below image.


Just in second, I found now I just remove the link over there and paste my link which is related to this niche. And yeah I will get new Wikipedia backlink YAYY.

change link

Did you see the link above I highlighted that was a dead link. I GOT IT. UFFF Now, I with an edit with my new site.


I just changed it with my new site www.racersarewrong and I did hit Preview and after link is clickable. Need to Publish Changes.

Now just sit back and wait to see if your change is approved! If you spent time creating your account with a bit of history you won’t have a problem here.

Final Thought

UFF. After my 3 Hour continuous article writing and your 30 minutes of serious reading with some days patience on getting an email from Wikipedia.

We finally set up Wikipedia and built a high-quality backlink.

There are three types of opportunities you should be looking for:

  • Dead links: Marked by Wikipedia these links are no longer on the internet
  • Broken links: These are the links of third party sites that were also linking to that page
  • Unique links: Your chance to place your own links in Wikipedia pages

Always remember WikiGrabber tool for any of these kinda work.

Always be sure to use tools like a SEMrush.

But to get unique links you need an editor Wikipedia account. DO NOT SPAM community only 3-4 links a year is OK. Don’t try to mislead them.

SHARE me your thought and if you love this post please help this post get shared and read by many more people.



  1. Amit Chawla
    September 11, 2018

    Excellent post with great information. Really helpful ways for link building.

  2. Alvern Stain
    October 3, 2018

    With this tutorial I did build a backlink from wikipedia but it is nofollow can there be any option to make it dofollow?


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