How to get 100,000 people to read your blog in 1 month

A blog is basically a post to a website. A person who blogs is called a blogger. And Blogging can be defined as the way to express your ideas, opinions, facts, and observations in a digital format. It can be considered an informal form of journalism if your blog covers the latest happenings in the world. A blog can be of many types, there are journalism type blogs, informative blogs,  blogs about different topics etc. Online bloggers do blogging in order to earn some side money from things they’re passionate about. There are many blogging sites such as WordPress and Blogger. To make a living out of blogs, a blogger needs visitors to his site. The concept of traffic comes from here.

Traffic is the number of visitors that visit your blog or website. The amount can be low and high. Some reputed blogs have high traffic with thousands of hits (views) per day. Traffic is basically the number of page views. Once you have a website or a blog with sufficient content, you can now start to worry about traffic. Traffic is necessary because your earning is based on traffic. When you have a lot of page hits then you have conversions. Conversion refers to people buying the product that you are selling on your blog. Higher conversions can boost your earnings. Also, people click on the adverts. This gets you additional income from advertisement platforms like Google Adsense. Hence, Traffic is an important part of blogging.

Now, let us discuss the ways to increase traffic on a blog.

1. Content Strategy


“Content is King.” This is the one sentence that is used all over the place and for good reason too. Content is definitely something that drives traffic. Whether you are covering the latest news or you’re writing a top 10 blog, content is the one thing that people will judge. If you have perfectly written articles with great use of headings and subheadings, informative data and facts that are not mistaken, then you definitely have a really great blog. The content determines whether you are a competent blogger or not. People want to read something written by a credible blogger. No one would read a half-baked blog with grammatical and logical mistakes.  Be very careful while crafting any content. Your content should be grammatically sound, plagiarism free and engaging. It should keep the readers hooked till the end. Good content will definitely be shared by people. And when your content is being heavily promoted, it automatically increases the traffic on your blog or site. Some ways to strategically place content are:

a. Long Lasting Content: Imagine you create a blog in 2012, what if that same blog is not relevant in 2018? All your work is in vain. No one would effectively read something relevant on 2012 now, would they? Hence, Your content should always be relevant. Not all content is relevant. A blog that covers news will no way have relevant content. But they would have daily content because news is regular. Apart from such types of blog, all other kinds of blogs can be made long lasting. There are many things in the world which are universal truth such as weight loss, some academic fact, review of a product. These content are long-lasting. Making sure your blog has an appropriate amount of long-lasting content ensures that you get a good traffic.

b. Newsletters: You should include newsletters on your site. They allow you to gather emails from your visitors. You can also give something (like an early access to blogs) to the newsletter subscribers in return. This system will let you collect the email addresses of your visitors. And depending on the user’s history and what they are looking for. You can regularly send new articles or some best articles that they’d want to read. Doing this will increase the chances that your visitors would come back to the site. When they do return to the site your traffic goes up.

c. Title of the Blog: The title of the blog has a huge impact on a person. As they say, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” The title is your first impression. If you have a really good impact on the visitor then they are likely to stay. Only when your title is good will they ever read the actual content. If your content is even better then, it’s a great thing. A good content will drive newsletters and then the traffic will go up. So, in a way, all these things work in harmony. Every single element is related somehow. A long-lasting good content is related to the title of the blog. Newsletters are related to the quality of content. And the overall traffic is related to how well these elements have bonded together.

2. Keywords and SEO


If you want to make sure a huge number of people visit your blog then, Keywords and SEO are the way to go. SEO can sound really intimidating at first but it’s not. SEO is actually the best friend that a blogger has. SEO can change the whole way in which traffic is directed to your blog. Google processes a lot of search queries per second. In such a competitive environment, it is crucial to have a blog that has at least some value on Google’s scale. Search Engine Optimization, when done right is absolutely wonderful. You get directed traffic from Google and if your site has a really good rank then, you’re in a really good position to generate a massive amount of traffic.

There are many things that you’d have to consider while using SEO. Some of them are;

  1. You must use the keywords in the content text. Your content should have an appropriate amount of keywords.
  2. Your content must not be saturated with search questions. You shouldn’t have high keyword density.
  3. Link to your other blogs on similar subjects can be provided in any blog post.
  4. You can let keywords impact your writing and give the concept to your content.
  5. You shouldn’t include many hyperlinks in a single post. It should have some moderation.

It is a very competitive market. Popular Keywords have such a battle for ranking that it becomes almost impossible to get a foothold. In such a scenario, Longtail Keywords come to rescue.

Longtail Keywords are keywords having more than three keywords. They are basically keyword sentences. They are important because there’s less competition for such class of keywords.  For a new blogger, you should target longtail keywords to increase traffic. it’s very difficult to compete in the main keyword spectrum.

Imagine you have a blog that reviews smartphones so, that is your market of choice. You want to compete with everyone out there doing smartphone reviews. If you use keywords like “smartphone” then you are doomed. There are literally thousands of blogs with the same keyword having more relevant content and more page hits than you could ever hope. So, in such a case, what you can do is that you can twist your keyword. Instead of ‘smartphone’ use the keyword “budget smartphones of 2018”. In this longtail keyword, the competition might not be as fierce as before. Your chances of being ranked increases tenfold with this technique.

SEO for finding longtail keywords

Let us take the smartphone example to show how this works. Type Smartphone in google and wait for autocompletion to do the trick and see what keywords are being searched the most. Another way to do this is to search for smartphone and going to the bottom of the search page to see other similar results. Once you have sufficient probable keywords from autocompletion and search, now you can feed them into the Google Keyword Planner. Google has a service called ‘Adwords‘ dedicated to Adsense users where you can see many stats. The keyword planner part of Adwords shows you the options for your keywords and their respective relevance. It shows the most searched longtail keywords. it also provides you highest searched long tail keywords with lesser competition. This helps you to make a fairly easy choice. From there, you can choose what keyword that you’d want to have.

SEO on WordPress

For people using WordPress to write blogs, things are very easy. WordPress is filled with plugins and that makes it one of the most widely used blogging platforms. There is no exception to SEO plugins. The most popular SEO plugin in the world is SEO by Yoast. This service is very important for bloggers. A good blogger should have the knowledge of SEO and SEO related tasks. Only then will he be able to make exceptional progress as far as traffic is concerned.

3. Track Your Audience


Your audience is your everything. You have to understand that. A blogger has the responsibility towards their audience. There are many tools that you can use to track where your audience is from. After that, the next step that you’d need to do is make sure that you understand your audience’s needs. You need to find where your audience is hanging. Do you have more audience from Instagram? Maybe Facebook? Twitter? After knowing where your audience stays, you now need to steadily build a profile around it. Use Social media as frequently as you can to interact with your audience and give them the content they desire. I strongly recommend social media marketing to increase the reach too.

You don’t need to spam your users. But post frequently on social media sites to gather the views of your audience. Engage with them. Give them the links that they’re trying to search. Hit them up in their inbox if you have a fan of your writing. Do these things to generate a cult following.

About the tools, you can always use google analytics to see from what website the traffic is coming to your blog. Also, see which country has been mostly influenced by your blogs. You can then market to that sector heavily. You need to pinpoint your viewers like a GPS and then increase your range around it.

Once you have discovered all this, now you can include share buttons on your sites. But you have to do it in a subtle way, you don’t want to give 10 share buttons on a post. That would just be too much for the viewer and they won’t share it. Let’s say out of 10 websites in google analytics, Facebook and Twitter are the two sites from where you’re getting the most viewers. Then, your task is to include two share buttons for facebook and twitter on your post. This gives you a perfect way to not go overboard and be subtle with your targeting strategy.

Apart from this, another way to increase traffic is to just ask for it. Yes, it may sound absurd and rather obvious but there’s nothing wrong in asking. If you have a relatively sound following then, you can just write a blog and share it on your social media. You can put up a status above it to urge people to like, comment and share your blog. Some people will, some won’t. But when they do share, it can result in a few more people liking your blog. This can create a ripple effect with your blog at the center of it. The ripple will go a long way and your blog will generate more traffic.

4. Optimization


The way we consume content has changed over the years. People no longer read a blog on a single device, they follow a lot of blogs and consume them in every type of devices. From smartphones to tablets to PCs and Laptops, there are a lot of ways. This brings the problem of optimization. Normally, a writer writes a blog on a PC or a Laptop. Now, PCs and Laptops have one type of view. Smartphones, on the other hand, have a different view. So, the same page might have a different look and feel about in multiple devices. To solve it, optimization is necessary. Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger don’t have this problem. They make sure that your content is accessible from every device. WordPress has WPtouch and Jetpack as the plugins which can be used to optimize the content on mobile. The problem of optimization is mainly present when you are making your own website. If you are, then make sure that you have a good knowledge of mobile optimization. You can also hire people for this if you don’t know how.

Speed is another optimization problem. Not all sites are super fast. Sites based on blogging sites, however, have decent speeds. But if you have your own website then, you need to purchase some really

in order to make sure that your site gets all the speed. Speed helps to attract more traffic. No one would read a super slow blog which takes ages to load a simple image. So, it is crucial that you take speed into account. Google has a tool for checking your site’s speed. You can use the Page Speed Insight tool by Google to get your speed score. It also provides you with hints and tricks to put your blog in the right spot. Optimization is always secondary. Content is still the king. But, A good content with great optimization results in a very good traffic.

5. Co-operation


Just like everything blogging is also a community of professionals. There are many established bloggers who’re big-time celebrities. Their earning is also off the charts. But it doesn’t mean that they’re secluded. A lot of big bloggers actually help newcomers and do what they can.  Also, the blogging community is very vast. There is a lot of talent out there looking for helping newbies. In this environment, you should also cooperate. You should link up with your peers and people who are established. You should learn from both your juniors as well as seniors. This will help you in the long run.

One way of going about it is applying to write on other people’s blogs. Like a music feature, this helps both the bloggers to grow as they’ll share viewers. Readers are always looking for something interesting to read and this is where this system comes in. It provides something for everyone. You can also link something to a blog that’s not yours. You’ll get also get the return. It is also equally good to comment on someone’s blog. This will increase your online presence. This, in turn, is sure to increase your traffic.


To conclude, blogging is a very good occupation. It has become a new way to earn some good money. But it does require patience and endurance. You can’t blog for a month and seek to generate a lot of traffic. Remember, traffic is directly proportional to content. That’s the main thing. Other things such as SEO, Link building, Optimization comes later. Only when you have a content that’s very appealing can you expand and get other things right. There are also other ways to generate more traffic. You can spend a hefty amount of money and promote your blog heavily but I wouldn’t recommend it. You should only spend a little amount on promotion. Your growth should be natural. Following the above-mentioned steps is sure to get you there.


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  2. Alaina
    September 15, 2018

    Awesome article! I just launched my blog and I’m TRYIng to get some initial traffic to it. Definitely going to be making sure I’m implementing these 🙂

  3. Vanessa Chilimanzi
    October 25, 2018

    This sure is very relevant information and will be relevant for years to come. SEO is quite intimidating but certainly should be a blogger’s best friend. I am still struggling with newsletters, okay it’s more of, I need to be disciplined and just get to it because I have just been procrastinating.

  4. Tina
    October 25, 2018

    All great tips and tricks. I need to start using Adwords for my long tail keywords!

  5. Natasha
    October 27, 2018

    Thanks for the tips! I’m new to this…..


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