How to Create and Sell eBook from your Website in 2018

The advent of the internet has digitalized the way people read books. The Hardcopy paper has been replaced by digital media. This has created a whole new market for digital books. There are even devices solely meant for reading digital books like Amazon’s Kindle. In such an environment, an author might want to market Ebooks more than paper as they are fairly inexpensive to make. Ebooks are more efficient than paper books. Also, you won’t have to cut down a tree to make an Ebook.

You’ve come to the right place if your goal is to create an Ebook and sell it. Here, we will discuss How to Create an Ebook and Sell it over the internet. If you are an aspiring writer and you don’t have a deal to publish paper books. Then, you can create an Ebook and try to sell it on your own.

Why eBook?


Let us first discuss on Why you would want an Ebook. I assume you know the importance of an Ebook. So, we will not dive deeper into it. This is just a brief overview.

1. Cheap to Publish: If you are an aspiring author, you wouldn’t have a lot of cash to back you up. Releasing a paper book has a lot of expenses from publishing to marketing. These expenses aren’t something you can cover unless you have a book deal. And even then, it’s not guaranteed that you’d get a profit off your books. Hence, Ebooks come in handy. Ebooks can be made by self. Multiple copies can be created easily. You don’t need to spend money on marketing. Still, you can sell it easily.

2. Extra Revenue: If you are already a big-time author with a great book deal and you’re selling paper books all over the world, then you might want to increase your income even more. This can be done by creating your own Ebook and then selling it. The market where your paper books didn’t reach could also be reached with Ebooks.

3. Efficient and Professional: An Ebook is almost a necessity these days. A lot of big publications are ditching paper publications. Almost every major publication has a big chunk of revenue from Ebooks. Everything from College and School books to even newspapers have a digital format these days. Ebooks are very efficient to make. A great Ebook looks professional with all the images, covers and layouts. Various formats are there to make an Ebook like Pdf and Epub. These formats increase the richness of the book so they look as appealing as their paper counterparts.

So, How do you create an eBook?

Creating an Ebook could roughly be translated into an Algorithm. A series of basic steps that you’d want to follow. They can also be explained in chunks. Here, we will first give you the basic overview of the steps and then, explain the steps.

The basic 5 steps for creating an Ebook are:

  1.  Get a topic, Analyze your audience and Start Writing.
  2. Make sure you have a good software to edit your writings.
  3. Format the Ebooks with layouts and Table of contents.
  4. Make sure to add appropriate Images and Cover Art
  5. Convert your Ebook to different formats.

We will now discuss these steps in detail.

Step 1:

i. Choose a topic: The hardest part is the starting phase. Choosing a topic itself is a big task. The thing that you’d want to be careful is that you choose an appropriate topic. After the topic, the title is the next thing. A title should be punchy. It should grab the essence of the book but not spoil it. Also, A title should also be concise. It should resonate with the reader. The topic of the book tells if the book should be read. This is what sells the book.

ii. Research the Market: After your title and your topic is done, you need to find the market most suitable for your book. You need to see what demography of people would read your book. And Where this demography lives. You also need to find what kind of content the people expect from your title. What are your competitions? Does your topic has relevant trending keywords? Is your book going to sell certain numbers that you projected? All these things need to be considered before you hit the market.

iii. Start Writing: The next step is to start writing. You need to have a plan where your book is going. You need to start writing the plans on a whiteboard or a paper. Then, you can translate those snippets into fully functioning texts on a computer. You need to draft, redraft and revisit your writings to make improvements. When you’ve written a significant portion, you might also encounter a Writer’s Block. A Writer’s Block is a phase where a writer doesn’t know what to write anymore. If you happen to get a writer’s block, you need to stop writing for a while and relax. Try to get stress free and start writing again.

Step 2:

i. Use the Correct Editing Software: There is a lot of editing software that you can use. Open Office is a free text editing software that can be used to edit your documents. Document editing is a very crucial part of making an Ebook. An Ebook should have correct fonts, headers, footers, and margins. All of which is possible in Open Office. It also should have a proper format. Thankfully, open office allows you to save your document in a variety of formats such as .pdf and .epub. The document should also have good, simple colors. There should be proper paragraph spacing, page breaks and lists. The software isn’t everything. It’s still the author who dictates how everything looks at the end of the day. Your document should also not overuse things such as over the top fonts. Also, Quotes and Statistics need to be highlighted. There should be a detailed Appendix if your writing is academic. You can also provide references to your work if it is based on other people’s findings.

ii. Proofreading: Proofreading is a way to make sure that your text is perfect. There are many kinds and ways of doing an effective proofreading. In the proofreading phase, you need to first check for grammar, word association, transition word usage, readability and punctuation. There are other kinds of proofreading too like checking plagiarism and sense of your words. Different techniques can be used for proofreading a text. There is the traditional method of giving your text to a human being( a dedicated proofreader) to find out the logical mistakes in your text. Correcting grammar, however, is a very easy task. A lot of software can be used to correct one’s grammar, punctuation and word association. Plagiarism detection could also be performed with software. You might also need to edit a whole paragraph because it’s not making sense or it’s just a filler. Such mistakes aren’t caught by a software so you need a professional proofreader. You should never give your text to friends or families for proofreading. You need to have an unbiased professional feedback on your text. Proofreading is an important phase of creating an Ebook. This is the part which either makes or breaks the writer. Once your text has been approved by a professional. Then your first draft is complete. This phase is where you decide what you want to do with your book. You can either apply for a book deal with a big publication or be independent and sell your book by yourself.

Step 3: 

i. Formatting: Once your actual writing, the core of the book is complete, you need to now format it. You can also format your text as you’re writing it. Formatting implies, breaking your book down to chapters. Every book has a set of chapters that relate to a particular theme. You need to have chapters so that your readers can enjoy the book without a hassle. Chapters need to be spaced correctly. You don’t want a 100-page long chapter followed by a 10-page chapter. Also, page numbers, headings, and definitions also fall under formatting.

ii. Layout and Table of Content: A layout is how you’ve put the book. Before the book begins, you need forewords and acknowledgment. Forewords help to see the book from the eye of the author whereas it is very necessary for the author to acknowledge all the people who inspired them to write the book. After this, the table of content is next. A table of content gives a  detailed overview of the book. It shows the page numbers and the related chapters. You can include sub chapters if you want. The table of content is also equally responsible for making the reading efficient. At the end of the book, references, pictures, source material and appendix can be included. The book should also have the intended layout. An academic book is different from a novel. So, while making the Ebook, one should also consider the nature of it. A recipe book requires more images and another kind of layout whereas a novel has a simple layout.

Step 4: 

i. Cover Art: One of the most integral parts of an Ebook is the cover. The cover of a book is its makeup. People tend to see it at first sight so naturally, they are attracted to it. A cover should always be relevant. It should have good contrast and people should really be attracted towards it. A cover can be made from image editing software like Photoshop and inserted in Open Office. There are also some online sites which can help you make an Ebook cover. The cover gives a graphical element to the Ebook. Since it is totally digital, a cover with good design becomes an important factor.

ii. Images: People like visual content. The easiest way to grab a person’s attention is to provide them with something that catches their eye. And Images do that. They say, “A picture describes a thousand words”. In a book you are actually describing a thousand words so, pictures are necessary. Pictures might not be a big deal for small novel or poems but for fantasy novels, children books and academic books they are crucial. One thing that you need to consider while choosing images is the copyright. You should only include images that are totally yours or are free to use. Also, you need to include high-resolution images if possible. This makes your book visually appealing.

Step 5:

After all of the above steps are complete, you now need to choose a format. The most commonly used formats are .pdf and .epub. You can choose any one of those. The important thing to keep in mind is the platform. Some book platforms require you to upload a pdf version while some require epub. You can make both versions for your convenience.  Changing the file format is fairly easy and Open Office has all the necessary tools for it too.

With these 5 steps, your Ebook is now complete. Next thing to do is to try selling your book. Let’s get into it.

How to promote an eBook?

After your book is completed, you must first promote your book. To do this, you can use many strategies. You can do social media marketing. You can pay high traffic blogs to write about your book. You can also use your friends and build a loyal reader base and then expand your horizon. In addition to this, you can go all out on your own social media with live streams and talk about your book constantly with people. You can also create your own website and promote your book in a professional manner. There are a lot of ways to go about it.

Let me explain to you the best way to promote or sell your eBook…

Selling a product is never been so easier like buying a product. So, in the case of selling an eBook, you also need a ton of hard work much more hard work than curating an eBook. So, to promote eBook my suggestions are:


Use Pinterest seriously for some months until you got some good amount of followers(not millions) just 500 followers is what makes you ready to promote your eBook.

After you build trust with other peoples in Pinterest and also have more than 5K unique profile views it sounds you are very ready to promote your eBook. Constantly pin about your pins and pin it in various groups so that your traffic will start to flow and you can see some sales as well.

Facebook Advertisement

Use Facebook advertising to promote your eBook as well. You can run some ads with a daily budget of $5 which will be a good start to start your eBook promotion.

 Email Lists

Promote your eBook to your email lists constantly which will also help you to drive some sale in your eBook sales page an can get some sales as well.

The main thing is that I see some bloggers with good traffic are going really well and yeah they are making 4-Figure income by selling eBooks. Well, there are many online platforms to do just that. Some of the most famous online platforms of ebooks are;  TradeBit, Nookpress, Kobo Writing Life, Smashwords, Scribd etc. You can read all their reviews and then choose the appropriate platform where you want to upload your work. Even better, you can upload in a multiple of platforms and then increase your sales. Almost all of these platforms are equipped with intuitive dashboards. This enables you to monitor your sales and earning and plan your book promotion accordingly.

Keep track of your sales

If you are promoting your eBook than you should keep track of it. Track your sells and know everything about buyers as well. So, for this, I would like to recommend you Selz for tracking sales and choosing a platform to sell your eBook.

So, see the image that is so easy to track any sales or any orders via Selz. For your purpose, I have managed 14 Days free trial from Creating eBook and selling it adds extra income to your blogging journey. Not million but obviously you can make at least 1000+ per month from selling eBooks.

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