Choosing a Perfect Blogging Niche for 2018 – Run for Your Interest

Are you thinking about starting a new blog? It’d be great if you go through my article on how you can start your own successful blog in less than 20 minutes. Today, I am going to tell you about how you can decide what kind of contents you’d be putting in your blog. You may start a blog focusing on everything as well. But, these kinds of blogs aren’t going to be as successful as blogs focusing on certain topic or niche.

choose blog niche

People often surf the Internet for a certain reason; i.e. they want someone or something to help them solve their problem. They might be looking for certain fixes for their gadgets, or maybe they’d be looking for getting a source of entertainment. They could also be surfing the Internet to provide answers to certain questions. There could be millions of such problems on why people browse the Internet every day. But, when certain people are looking for a certain fix over their certain problem, they’d require a blog which provides solutions to problems relevant to their own problem. If your blog has a lot of random topics like entertainment, sports, fitness and everything else in the same place, how’d the people find a solution to their problems easily?

Let’s look at an example! Suppose a guy is looking for the best way to lose weight, and suppose you have a blog that consists of the article he’s looking for, but along with that article, it also contains articles from a lot of different topics other than fitness such as sports, tech, entertainment, news, etc. Now, you can easily decide whether he will subscribe to your feeds or he will stop visiting your site after reading the article he wants.

This is the reason why blogs focusing on certain topic only are usually popular on the Internet. You can take an example of a Forbes blog. You won’t be finding articles related to health and fitness, entertainment, sports, etc. in their blog. The only articles you will be found there will be on the business field. Also, if you want to keep updated with the latest trends in the fashion world right now, you’d probably subscribe to fashion blogs since they always keep writing on what exactly you need to know and nothing outside of the fashion world. You can also take an example of Buzzfeed. If you want to bypass your boredom, you can visit Buzzfeed or any other blogs which are focusing on the entertainment niche. They keep providing you different things that kill your boredom. This kind of blogs are known as ‘niche blogs’.

What exactly is a ‘niche blog’?

Before getting into the ‘niche blog’, let’s look at what Google says about the word ‘niche’.

blog niche defination

You can look at the adjective meaning of ‘niche’. This is what I mean to say to define a niche blog. A blog that writes contents for its readers focusing on or relating to a certain topic, product or field of interest is simply known as a ‘niche blog.

A blog focusing on a certain niche, simply known as a niche blog, usually makes your target towards only certain number of people. But still, it keeps getting more and more people interested in that niche. Suppose you have a blog where you write contents related to everything including health and fitness, entrepreneurship, business, tech, sports, etc. Then, you decided to change your blog into a niche blog focusing on the entrepreneurship niche. Now, your blog will start losing many of your well-established readers. But, this is actually a benefit for you since it’d also make a way towards your blog for people who are eager to know about entrepreneurship. Turning your blog based on every topic to a blog based on a certain topic can result in loss of readers at the beginning, but it won’t last long. You’ll soon start getting even more readers who are interested in staying up-to-date with the certain topic you are writing on.

So, how can you choose the best blogging niche for yourself? You can keep going through this article to find it out.

You need to choose something that you know well

If you are eager to start a blog on a certain niche and want to decide what niche you’d like to write on, everyone will recommend you to start a blog on a niche that you love, a topic that you are highly interested in. You need to write on something you’re passionate about.

Expert bloggers keep telling you that the thing that they see shining and alive in different blogs is the love and passion of the bloggers for the topic they are writing on.

If you start a blog focusing on a certain topic that you are highly interested in, you can go through these things:

  • You’d be eager to give more time writing contents for your blog.
  • You’d not have to face the problem of getting out of ideas on what to write.
  • Your way of writing will constantly keep telling your readers what you’re highly passionate about.
  • There are very fewer chances that you’d decide to close your blog in the near future.
  • Writing on what you love, will certainly take your audience base to a higher level.

If you find a niche that can get a lot of profits for you and you decide to take that niche as your blogging topic even though you aren’t passionate about it, you are likely to go through dissatisfaction over what you are doing. Also, when you go through a more profitable blogging niche which you aren’t interested in, you are very likely to go through the problem of running out of ideas and out of references after writing small number of contents. However, when you write on the niche you are interested in, you’ll never have to go through such problems if you are really passionate about that topic.

If you are writing on something just by looking at similar contents on other blogs under same niche, why’d your readers spend their time on your blog instead of looking at the blog where the blogger is more passionate about the topic they are looking for? Your readers will easily feel your passion about the certain topic you are writing on. So, it is highly recommended to choose a niche that you can write on and you are passionate about.

How to know what I’m interested in?

If you aren’t sure about the things you are passionate about, you can consider answering the questions below to find out what you are really interested in:

  1. What do you like to do?
  2. What do you do when you are free?
  3. Which class did you use to wait for during your school/college time?
  4. What topic do you love to learn about?
  5. If you get to do a job even though the salary is very low, what would you love to do?
  6. What’s the thing you could talk about for a long time with your mates?

Haven’t you got to know about what you are passionate about yet? Here’s one this you could do. Take some sheets of paper in front of you and a pen. Think about a certain topic. And, write down the titles of blog articles that comes to your mind and that you can write on related to that topic. After you are out of ideas, think about another topic and do the same. If you can’t come up with enough number of ideas, it’s not the niche that suits you. If you are able to come up with about 10-15 titles, but still you aren’t sure how’d you write on those titles, it is also not the niche that you are passionate about.

If you feel like you are able to write on the titles you wrote down, you can consider writing articles on these ideas in a text editor or a software like Microsoft Word on your computer before you start going over to the domain registration process. If you aren’t able to write the contents and already start getting bored or running out of ideas on how to complete the article, then it’s not recommended to start a blog focusing on that topic. Doing this could easily save your useful time and money you would spend while starting a blog and writing contents and later ending up getting out of ideas.

If you are able to get enough ideas about a certain topic and if you are sure about how you would write contents on those topics, you can start a blog under that niche. Here’s a good news! Now, you can set up your blog and start publishing contents focusing on that certain niche.

Are you still not sure about what you need to write on? You can write down in the comments on where you are stuck right now in the process of making your decision on choosing your blogging niche.

Finding your Blogging Niche


If you are still not sure about your niche, you can keep reading this guide. Maybe you’ll go on to find the best niche that suits your writing style. Do you have a lot of passions, but aren’t focused on a certain one? Are you still not getting how you can find what you are interested in?

Here’s what you need to do! Many bloggers would often tell you to prepare a list of questions in the quest of your blogging niche to become successful. If you are having a tough period thinking about what you need to write on, you can ask these questions to yourself by writing in a sheet of paper. These questions are just the same as mentioned above, but with a little addition. You can prepare a list of answers for all these questions.

  • What do you like to do?
  • What kind of things do you like and enjoy?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • When you were a kid, what did you like to do the most?
  • What do you like to talk about the most?
  • Do you know more information about a certain topic in comparison to others?
  • Have you taken any extra courses of something even though you already have enough knowledge?

It’s not just you. It is normal for everyone to have a tough time selecting their niche. There are thousands of blogs in every niche you are thinking right now. There’s no chance you are going to be the first one to start a blog under the niche you are thinking about. However, there are things many people want to know but aren’t getting proper information. You can look for such a niche or a topic inside a niche and start a blog under that topic.

You can take an example of different blogs focusing on helping beginner bloggers. Before most of those blogs were started, there used to be placed on the Internet where people used to provide information for experienced and professional bloggers only. There used to be no blog focusing on helping newbies start a blog and provide basic information about a blog. This is the reason why such blogs were started. These blogs were started under a microniche (a topic inside a certain niche) where they targeted people interested in blogging but had no experience of blogging.

You can think of a similar idea under a certain topic that people aren’t finding on the Internet and start your blog under that micro-niche. You can also start a blog under a certain niche and later move on to a different niche relevant with the same old niche. There are many blogs that grew into popularity doing this.

Reach the Top with your Niche

You’ve finally got the topic you are interested in; either a niche or a niche under a certain niche. But, you need to do even more things with your niche. Brian Clark from CopyBlogger has suggested that you need to do something in a unique way, or even better way than what other bloggers with your niche are doing so that you can get bigger within the niche you’ve chosen. Before getting onto the main point, first, you need to start out by understanding the current condition of your niche and evaluating the result that you obtain. Then, you can finally push your blog towards an upper level to dominate over other blogs within the same niche.

If you are thinking about understanding the current position of your niche, you can just join certain forums and social media communities based on your niche. You can also read the contents in other blogs of the similar niche as well as interact with the author through the comments. Doing this, you can understand how you can position your content over the contents of other blogs under the similar niche. You may start out by writing contents that people need, but aren’t getting. You can also start writing contents over the same old niche, but in a new way.

If you join the community of people under your niche and start interacting with them, you will start taking your blog to a higher level. You will also start positioning yourself as a good blogger and start making money from what you are doing. If you take your niche blog to a good position where most people starting trusting and following your blog, you can easily sell products based upon your niche through your writing.

You can look at an example. You have a blog based on literature niche. You can start writing reviews of different recently published or popular books. You are starting to get good ratings and comments from your readers. Now, you can sign up to an affiliate program such as Amazon Affiliate and include your affiliate links to buy the books in your blog articles. Since people trust you and your content, they are likely to purchase the book clicking on the link or the banner on your blog article. You will get paid a certain percentage of the amount. Doing this, you can easily make a good amount of money.

Advertisers know who they are trying to target and they are always ready to find someone who can increase their sales. If your blog is relevant to their product and is doing good in the blogging world, they will certainly find you and start believing on the value of advertising their products on your blog. But, they’d certainly ignore you if you are writing contents on different topics or without having an interest in that niche.

Your Blogging Niche and Your Network

Staying in a particular niche is a part of a network isn’t recommended. If you are a part of a blog and you just write contents focusing on a certain niche, it is always recommended for you to start a niche blog on your own.

Being too much nichey as a part of a certain blog focusing on different topics isn’t what you need to do. If you really want to write contents on a single niche, you can make the best career move by starting a blog focusing on that certain niche. Doing this, you don’t have to go through the pressure of having to post contents in a particular time in a blog network. You will have your own schedule for writing contents and you can take all your income from your niche blog for yourself.

Making a career move from being nichey in a blog network to starting your own blog focusing on that niche can be slower and disappointing at the beginning. But, when you keep writing and keep promoting things based on that niche, you will easily start getting a lot of positive feedbacks as well as offers from advertisers through which you can make a passive amount of money doing what you are really interested in.

If you still have any queries or questionnaires over how you shall choose your blogging niche, you can write down where you are stuck right now in the comments below. I will try to respond to you with the best advice as soon as possible.


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