How to Choose a Great Domain Name in 2018

The internet is made up of a lot of Websites. Every website has a certain extension to it. These extensions are termed as Domain. To be more technical, “A Domain Name is a string that identifies a website’s authority within the internet.” Domain Name System has the procedures to form domain names. Domains can be of many types. They are broadly classified into Secondary level domains, Top Level Domain and Internationalized domain

  • Secondary level domains have a secondary domain before a top level domain extension. Eg;
  • Top Level Domains have only one extension. Eg; .com, .org etc
  • Internationalized domains are the ones specific to the country. Eg; .au for Australia, .us for America etc

Since you have an overview of what a Domain extension is. We’ll now get into Domain Name. A domain name is the full name of a website. Say you have a website of smartphone blogs then your domain name would be something like “”.

Selecting an appropriate domain name is like choosing your company’s name. You need to give it a lot of thought.  You cannot randomly make a domain name.  There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before giving your site a domain name.

Let us get into some ways to choose a domain name. Here, we have compiled 10 ways with which you can effectively choose a domain name.

1. Easiness: A domain name should be easy to type. It shouldn’t have complicated spellings or abbreviations. Imagine you have a company that sells pizza, your domain name shouldn’t be but it can be A small mistake like that could make it harder for customers to find your site. So, make your domains with familiar spellings.

2. Length: Your domain name shouldn’t be too long. The maximum limit is 17 words. It shouldn’t exceed that. A short domain name is easier to type and that is always a good thing.

3. Keywords: Make sure your company’s core motive is expressed in your domain. If you have a laptop repair shop then, your domain could be; or Keywords help you by indexing your site at the top of the search results via SEO.

4. Avoid Infringement: There are many companies who serve the same purpose. In such type of environment, it is easy to wrongly infringe someone else’s website. Consider you have two company called ABC, one is a noodle company whereas the other is an IT company. Say the noodle company already has a site called now, the IT company would have to use a different domain name, something like You can’t make the same domain name. It should at least a little difference.

5. Area: If you are a multinational corporation then, it becomes necessary to have multiple domain names with internationalized domain name extensions. On the contrary, if you are a small local business then, you can use your state’s domain like .ca for California.

6. Don’t Use Number and Hyphen: A domain name with a number and a hyphen is ambiguous. People often forget what is used, is it or This ambiguity will result in people visiting wrong links.

7. Appropriate Extensions: We’ve discussed domain name extensions earlier. Each of the extensions has their particular purpose so, the domain name extension must be chosen in accordance with the type of business that you have.  Some of the most commonly used extensions are explained below

  1. .co:  It is an abbreviation for company. Mainly commercial companies and communities use this domain.
  2. .net: It is used for Information Technology related websites.
  3. .info: This extension is used for websites that provide some information.
  4. .org: Commonly Some non-commercial and non-profit organizations use this domain name extension
  5. .me: This extension can be used for blogs and personal sites.

Apart from these, the most commonly used and the most lucrative all-purpose extension is .com. The internet generally runs on .com sites with many commercial sites taking this domain name. So, if you want to rank your site and sell good products via digital marketing. Or, earn money from blogs via Adsense, you need to have a .com site.

8. Brand Protection: As we talked about the infringement earlier, it is necessary to have a unique domain name. Despite having a unique domain, it is also very likely that other domains similar to yours get more traffic. Hence, you can buy all the domains that resemble your website. So, if your website has the domain, you can buy all other resembling domains too like, this will set apart your brand. And protect it from exploitation. When you buy all other domains too, the customers will be redirected to your website even if they mistype it. Domain Names are volatile, they are sold very quick. So, be sure to buy them as soon as possible.  They’re not much expensive so, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. But yes, you do have to act fast. In this competitive market, it’s really a matter of who has the upper hand.

9. Uniqueness: There are tens of millions of domain names right now. Some are very generic whereas some are really creative. In such case, you’d need to have a unique domain name. Don’t just stick your brand’s name and attach an extension to it. Use your head. You can even hire creative people to come up with a domain name. Or, you can use some online tools that are going to help you get a good domain name.

10. Thinking Longterm: You should always think long term before registering a domain name. What if your business changes tomorrow?  What would you do then? You’d have to register a whole new domain name and that could be difficult because you have an established domain name already. Imagine a scenario, your company sells laptops so your domain is Skip to 5 years and now you’re selling smartphones too. Your domain is already established but you’d have to change it to suit your current business needs. What if 5 years earlier you had registered your domain as You’d not had to change the domain even if you included any other tech related items to your shop. This is why thinking longterm is so important.


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