10 Things you Should Know Before starting the Blog

So, finally, you planned to start a blog. That’s a good idea and before anything happen you also need 10 things to know before you start a blog. Also, remember blogging makes a very good sum of money if it is done properly. The Internet is completely flooded with blogs and websites.

If you are going to start a blog then you are already competing with millions of bloggers out there who are already building their home base income and also doing blogging for many years. But does this things gonna stop you succeed in blogging? Absolutely No. Bloggers make huge mistakes while starting a blog so be prepared to learn some best things you need to know before starting a blog.

Let’s dig some serious 10 things you need to know before starting the blog.

1. Blogging Takes Time

Blogging is a very good method to earn money online just sitting in front of your laptop in any part of the world. You need to give a serious time if you want to earn money through it.

Let say if you are doing some job and if you just spend daily 1 hour in that 9-5  job is that gonna pay you? Yes. But daily 1 hour of work is 30-hour work in a month. Which will be not even enough to pay you your mobile and internet fee. So, think about blogging in the same way.

Throw your serious time learning, experimenting and doing blog. It takes a year to get a good passive income through your blog.

2. Blogging is NOT Free

Many bloggers will gonna say you that blogging is free but not blogging is not free. You need initial investment up top $150 to start a good blog and also need monthly expenses to run your blog or promote your blog. Your expenses can include buying hosting and domain names. Check our best WordPress hosting review which is gonna suit you and work for you.

And some other expenses includes an email responder to deliver emails to your subscribers. So, this is the basic first phase of investment but soon you gonna need more and more to promote your blog more on ads(if needed).

I don’t like free blogging services like Blogspot.com or tumblr.com because everything is limited to these kinds of programs. Even you start to get the traffic you cannot place ads since it has limited features if your free blog starts to get traffic still visitors will not trust blogs which are hosted for free. It is the nature of visitors. So, blogging is not free you even need some courses to get started if you are a newbie.

3. Don’t PAY too much to Gurus

If you are starting a blog then you might think about taking a course. WOW, that is a good plan but never plan to buy lots of courses don’t spend more than $200-$300 in a course. If you spent more you will learn more LOL that is not going to happen. It depends on your experiments, your new idea and tricky skills.

So, never plan that spending too much on gurus will gonna make you rich instead of you if you spent a lot of money on Facebook or Google advertisement in a great way you might earn tons of money. But I would like to suggest you that take a free and only serious course if you want.

Many people pay much and much money to gurus thinking that they will earn money if they feed gurus LOL. Sounds very crazy right!!!.

4. Content is KING

Starting only a blog is not just an enough. You also need good content to earn a decent amount of money also write a content which can make a sell and get some very useful traffic as well. Never make your content cheap and very easy. Many bloggers fail due to the main faulty rule of content thinking having 200 words is enough no that’s not true you need a decent amount of words may be over 1000 words is best.

Write in a real way don’t act like an actor if you write a good content surely your article gonna bump up in the search engine and you will get a good amount of visitors. So, never lose your content it is king and traffic is queen.

And writing long articles is only just not enough you also need to add good logic on it so that readers get engaged and leaves you a comment or who knows you also gonna get some sales as well.


5. Build a mailing lists

Remember when you spend your money on hosting never forget to buy email provider service as well. Mailing list gonna get you recurring customers as well as you can get in touch with customers or the person who visit your blog as well.

Many bloggers say that most of their sales come from email lists as well. Give your customers a free eBook for only if they give you an email in this way you can build an email list.

Your email lists are yours I mean you can promote the product at any time you like or any product you want (only related to niche) so you are going to make more an more money. So, never hesitate to buy email provider before you start your blog.

6. Stay active in your social media

The Main thing and more important thing stay active in your social media if you are visiting this blog post from social media like Pinterest or Facebook than I think I don’t need to say you many words. Cause already you are visiting this post due to my social presence.

If you have a good amount of followers or likes than any post you release it will start getting traffic from 0 minutes after you post. So, make your social presence very strong and I would like you to recommend you Pinterest is a very awesome method to gain a huge amount of traffic on your blog.

Avoid buying traffic or doing any illegal methods to build likes or followers. Remember you would also need some patience it is not an overnight method to earn a huge amount of followers.

7. Good DESIGN is a must

You need a good design to start a blog. I mean a good and very functional template which can be very easy to navigate and read articles.

Engaging your readers in a content needs a very good and very easy kind of designed template. Google’s algorithms love mobile-friendly sites and rank it well in SERPs.

Ugly blogs are the only thing that gonna make you visitors never come back again in your blog post. Think before you buy any templates for your WordPress.

8. Guest Post is Primary

Guest Post is a very essential step when you start a blog. Remember you need some 5-6 guest post prepared before you enter blogging world. So, after you have some 5-6 guest post you also gonna need some people who are in the same niche as you and will help you.

The Internet is full of selfish so there is a rare case that you will gonna get help in guest posting in another case you need to pay money to the owner of the blog to publish your guest.

And the main thing with the guest post you can have your new blog visibility towards the audience and you will also get dofollow backlink to your site which is very important regarding SEO.

9. Learn basic SEO

SEO is search engine optimization which means the steps you need to follow to get your blog in google and also get tons of visitors which are very organic and remember organic traffic is very very serious and they can also be a buyer rather than social traffic.

Check out this SEO beginner guide. Never ever think time waste in SEO, spend your 20 minutes a day for learning SEO than other gurus cheap courses.

SEO is key for organic traffic so think and learn basic SEO no need advanced just basic is OK.

10. Blog to EARN

Never blog just for fun or passion also make it as earning method if you are serious about blogging. Many bloggers earn 5- Figure income per month with the blog and living a free life like traveling many nations, sitting on home and doing lots of stuff they love.

So, blogging is fun as well as earn. Start a blog from today and promote some offers or services you like many promote BlueHost and makes tons of money through it. And some sells their own course and makes millions per year.


Nowadays, anyone can start a blog within 20 minutes with this Free Guide. Also, start your own blog and start money today. Yeah, writing blog every day is painful and it also requires tons of research as a well painful headache.

But once you start getting visitors everything is on autopilot and you will earn money even if you are sleeping.

Hope you find this article helpful and makes you eager to start a blog. If you need any help regarding blogging set up or consulting just contact me.

I would be very happy to help you set up and start a blog.

Also, leave your comment below please also share this article and help another blog to overcome this fear.




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  2. Ashley
    October 4, 2018

    This is a very informative post! Do you have any recommendations on how to go about getting guest posts? Thank you!!

    1. Online Minimal
      October 4, 2018

      Thanks for the comment Ashley.
      Guest post is a very very best way to build a white hat link and it will never gonna be penalized. Getting backlinks from big sites like Forbes, CNBC etc should not be your target.
      Go with other normal sites which have good DA PA and do a guest post in their own sites for money in cheap. Planning to do a guest post with no budget at all is not a very good idea and can take times I mean a very long time.
      Or you can visit groups of bloggers and ask for guest post sure you will have many people who are accepting the guest post if you have an awesome blog. You can also guest post in this blog with one dofollow link or I can also help you build guest posts.
      Guest post is primarily focusing on getting backlinks and branding of business or blog.


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