Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – August 2018

Hello and welcome to my very first income report of this blog also read my blog post related on how to get blog traffic.

And I planned to publish income report every month from this starting income report it will also help you to learn my blogging progress and track how you can grow your blog in this way as well.

Although, I am not a newbie in blogging and this is not my new experience in blogging as well. I started blogging 4 years back and yeah I used to earn money especially from product reviews affiliate sites.

Ok First, if you are planning to earn money with freedom and want to earn money living on the home than definitely, you should start a blog And I have a tutorial which will help you start a blog. This Guide will help you:

  • Decide on what niche or topic
  • You need some initial investment (Around $50 for a whole year)
  • Complete setup or process on starting a blog (Just 20 Minute work)
  • Also, you will get a free domain for a year
  • Any problem installing or set up in a blog I Will help you personally

I am just turned 19 years old and yeah I am already on financial freedom. I am earning like $9000 in 7 months in 2017 due to affiliate marketing. Living in Nepal it’s a very good sum to live a good life.

But, I also planned to start a blog like other people did and share my own blogging experience and help another newbie who is hesitating about starting the blog.

What I Have Done In August

August was a very busy month for me. I spent about 2 months already in June and July doing various research and reading other blogs. I know it is time-consuming and takes much time on research but I am ready for it as well.

I did completely focus on Pinterest rather than any other thing but I am also aware of SEO since it is the main factor to get very very highly targeted traffic. My average words per article are about 3000 words, I hate very cheap and very low number of words articles.

Using SiteGround, I paid for a domain and a WordPress website, and I also bought a studiopress theme so that I can have a clean theme.

I started Pinterest very long ago but I forget it and never back to Pinterest again but in August I solely focus on Pinterest and build my monthly views from 0 to 1.6K shortly in some weeks.

Follow or Check my Pinterest profile here.

pinterest views

And Pinterest is awesome with its help now I am able to earn some money blogging. Since my blog is new it cannot get tons of Google organic views so Pinterest is a very important factor for me to get visitors.

Next, I added some affiliate links that is also my primary income stream. I am recommending others to use hosting or themes or even some courses that I used to grow my blog as well.

I only recommend your products or services that I am using and 100% supporting it. Some readers are serious to start money and buy product or services that I recommend.

Blog Traffic Stats

So, this is onlineminimal traffic stats below:

traffic report

Well, I get about 400 visitors this month as well. And my bounce rate is low and good which is about 65.33% always be sure to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

This report is generated through google analytics.

This is detail stats. You can see my majority viewers are coming from Social and I can say 99% is from Pinterest. I also focused on building an email list as well. So, I got about 37 email subscribers this past 2 months as well.
traffic report and stats

My Very First Blog Income Report


Income Statements

So, here is my very first blogging income report.

Affiliate Income

Total: $195

I made a commission through how to start a blog and how to create a website and here is my service you can check.

Services Income

I promote some few other offers as well but I just earned from some products and consultation or services. Check it here.

If you need writing some articles for your Blog feel free to check my services. Just $10 per 1000 words articles. if you order 10 articles you will get 2 articles free an all articles will be SEO optimized and easy to read.

Expenses Statements

To earn some we need to spend some.

So, for running my blog and for other things I have some expenses report as well.

SiteGround Hosting: $45 For a 1 Year

Expenses: $45

So, my net profit for this month is $250.

I know my earnings are not that much great but I also run two niche sites which are ranked on Google and yeah they also help me to earn money. Their income is more than $1000 per month at this moment. Not just SOCIAL MEDIA like Pinterest only but you have to focus on other things like SEO as well.

amazon report

This is my last May month income report from Amazon affiliate site. I made $449 in one month from this site and it is related to kitchen niche. I also run another Amazon affiliate site on the gaming niche as well.

Interested in starting your own blog?

Many people want to start a blog but scared to start. I was also facing the same thing read my best guide about 10 things you should know before starting the blog.

Also here is the best guide to start a blog. So, let’s start a blog business don’t wait for anything. If you get hard to set up a blog let me help you. If you also need any of my services just check it here.

Share your comment and thoughts as well as anything you want to say to me for improvements to my blog.

Also, share this post on Pinterest or any other social media. If you need any articles or SEO or any consultation check my service here.

Once, again thanks for reading my income report.


  1. Alaina
    October 4, 2018

    Really great info! Just started my blog last month and excited to start implementing some affiliate links.

    1. Online Minimal
      October 4, 2018

      Thats awesome alaina.
      But be sure to cloak you affiliate with some free tools and also there are some my previous post on blogging tips please check that as well.
      I wish you will start your earning very soon.


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