Save Your Affiliate Earning from Stealing with Link Cloaking (With Proof)

Do you hear word Cloaking right? Cloaking sounds bit hard and sinister, isn’t it. So, we have prepared an article about Link Cloaking and why it is very very important not just to save your affiliate earning but also for saving your blog from Google penalty which will affect your search ranking not massively but yeah in some percent.

As you know affiliate marketing is a very tough and competitive market in this period.

And yeah, the affiliate is one of the primary sources of income for many bloggers as well. Almost 80% of bloggers are engaged in affiliate as their primary source of income.

Many affiliate marketers are searching for new opportunities to generate more sales and commission. But sadly it’s not a surprising thing that many scammers steal your commission in a sneaky way that you can not even trace clicks from visitors and nothing. So, this is a major problem that companies are tracking down.

But you can save your commission from steal with the industry accepted and proven defense system: Link Cloaking

What Is Link Cloaking?

The process of disguising the affiliate link URL (I mean hiding the actual affiliate URL), which you got from your affiliate programs and showing a very easy to remember, shorter and clean URL in a browser is called Link Cloaking.

For Example:

Many bloggers mostly promote hosting services. So, let’s take a BlueHost as an Example.

This is my actual BlueHost affiliate link:bluehost affiliate

So, if you just get my tracking ID. Which is located right after the is my tracking ID). Then scammer can misuse your ID they can spam your link so that you get banned from the network or your commission get misused.

So, when I cloaked it you cannot see my tracking ID. Here’s an example of a cloaked affiliate link:

So, now click BlueHost and see where does my link go. You can see that my link goes directly to the homepage of BlueHost.

And for other affiliate networks look at the example below:

But this ugly URL you can make it simple by link cloaking.

Top Bloggers like Patt Flynn and MakingSenseOfCents also cloak their affiliate link from fraud and misuse of their commissions.

So, I would recommend you highly to save your earning with Link Cloaking (Click Link to get Link Cloaking at Great Price)

Why Always Cloak Your Links?

The main reason to cloak your affiliate link is:

  1. Commission Loss will be Fixed
  2. Track your Clicks
  3. Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)
  4. Brandable Links & Trust
  5. Increase Delivery Rate in Email Campaigns
  6. Create No-Follow
  7. Win from AdBlocker

Wait, I need to tell you something… Google hates affiliate websites more than anything. BUT WHY? If a product or services don’t use affiliate marketers than their sales will decrease dramatically so affiliate is important to them as well as if they don’t have affiliate program system they need to advertise a lot in Google so that their revenue will increase a way far.

So, with cloaking, you can make your affiliate link no-follow and no more link juice pass towards affiliate site. This way your site is fully secure. Sounds bit technical right but just installing ThirstyAffiliate gonna do everything for you.

Cloaking Affiliate Links With and

These both services provide you link cloaking opportunities both these are very cheap and sometimes these kinda links are blocked by major websites or social media. But, there are some drawbacks:

  1. Can’t track easily
  2. Banned from many sites and social media
  3. Unbranded and not trustable
  4. Cannot manage your links

How To Cloak Affiliate Links with (ThristyAffiliate)

Get ThristyAffiliate only for $49 TODAY and let’s get started to cloaking your affiliate links. We will use ThristyAffiliate Pro version in this case. There is a free version but I would recommend you Pro version.

Installing ThirstyAffiliates Pro

So first to purchase click the link above and then install the plugin in your self-hosted blog. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you understand WordPress plugins.

  1. In WordPress dashboard go to Plugins >> Add New
  2. At the top of the screen, click on Upload a Plugin button
  3. Browse for the ThirstyAffiliates plugin on your computer and click on Install Now
  4. On the next screen click on Activate and then go to the ThirstyAffiliates tab and go to Settings >> License
  5. And Enter there your License you got from ThristyAffiliate

So, after you install the plugin and enter the license key. You should start using it from right now.

To add your first affiliate link:

Now, Go to your article edit section. And select the text you want to link after you link it.

link cloakign 1

Now, after you choose the link you want to place an affiliate link. It’s time to add some affiliate link to that service or product. Click TA+ located on the top left let me show you.


After you click the button as I show you in the above picture.  It’s easy if you are adding new affiliate products in a content just press that button and now its time to fill the box that pops up after you click that link.

affiliate link cloaking

After you fill out the information, click on Add Link & insert into Post and it will automatically create you a cloaked affiliate link.

So, with just some simple 3-5 steps you can cloak your affiliate link and save some percent of your affiliate commission and moreover important thing you are saving your organic positions in Search Engine.

It is okay you can also use a freemium version of ThristyAffilite to get Free Click Here.

But having a premium plugin you can do much more and your cloaking will get cleaner. Spending $49 will save your $4900 in a year.

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So, this is an easy step and remember always to Cloak your affiliate URL.


Affiliate Marketing is the main income stream of bloggers. Many people think cloaking is hampered but if you use it wisely it is one of the best ways to rank out your site in Google as well.

Leaving link cloaked is much more brandable and trustworthy and I oo 100% believe. Have a full affiliate disclosure policy on your site that discloses all of your affiliations and your linking practices.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and you want to protect your commissions, then I would highly recommend you make it a habit to always cloak your affiliate links. This will end up saving you a lot of trouble.







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