About Me

OnlineMinimal is a blog run my (Kusum Karki). Supported by my brother Samuel Karki Hi, I am Kusum from Nepal. You know right Nepal. Mt. Everest lies here and Kathmandu is capital city of it.

About Kusum (Me):

Hello, I am Kusum and yeah I am the owner of this blog too. I am helping new person to start a blog from scratch. Where I will guide you the step by step guide to start a blog.   I love travelling places. But my education and many other stuff has not allowed to do me. After i complete education I am free lol. I am very friendly to good people and I think having only money is not a key to success. http://onlinedimes.com Blogging made me earns this much sum some time just in a day or sometimes even just in a hour. Thanks Blogging and many failures. I basically recommend you matthewwoodward.co.uk¬†and onlinedimes.com courses. I have never sold any courses, but let see if I got the strong formula of success sure I will. If you have any questions feel free to contact me in FaceBook.  

About Samuel (My Brother):

Hi, I am Samuel. I am 20 this year. And this blog is not my first blog, I have failed about 4 blogs in past and 1 of the blog hit by Google Update (Thanks for it I get chance to Learn) and another 1 one which is generating me more than $3000 per month is still alive. I am also active in CPA and Affiliate Marketing. For CPA I used to purchase about 3 domains per month in past with 7-8 AdWords account banned lol. But I also learned from that now I am promoting CPA offers with very great way with no adwords account banned and with 7-8% ROI. Affiliate Marketing was the first thing that caught my eyes in 2016. I joined tons of affiliate programs but no success. My highest Commission from affiliate via Shopify Plus which Generate me about $2000 in a minute. And some in health niche which I am promoting currently. My highest earning from one affiliate health site was $976 in a 24 Hour. I am Currently reading Bachelor in Business Administration here in Kathmandu.
This Picture is taken from 3000 Feet above from Sea level while I was in hiking in Mt. Shivapuri area.
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